When you have genuine intentions of meeting and knowing new people or potential partner. Either through a dating app or has been introduced by a common friend. Periodically the world is surrounded by assholes, and sometimes it can be you or me? Maybe you’re not just aware, or maybe you are! It’s a karmic or a plain lesson from the Universe, and you have to be wary of these types;

Are you diverting boredom, heartbreak, and loneliness? Then “Don’t DATE to HEAL!!!” Read this short article about self-love/dating advice that might be helpful during this pandemic blues.

Don’t waste your time & efforts.

Well, who said about the process of moving on? Wherein fact it’ll be up to your own timeline and how you want to…


A creative-writer accustomed to Western Culture. An empathetic person yet can be blunt at times to showcase the authenticity and rawness of my tone.

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