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Mind you! I’m not a dating or relationship guru. Because to achieve that, it’ll require research and social studies. Which I don’t have the fucking luxury! I’m just a simple woman that has a keen interest in this niche. Because I’m also a sucker of learnings, not just intellectually but through uncovering desires, motives, behaviours and underlying emotions. That mainly captures my interest. I hate lame, puddle-like-conversations, and pointless topics. I’m very observant and has a heightened sensitivity that I can sense if there’s something off with a person or environment. But most of…

When you have genuine intentions of meeting and knowing new people or potential partner. Either through a dating app or has been introduced by a common friend. Periodically the world is surrounded by assholes, and sometimes it can be you or me? Maybe you’re not just aware, or maybe you are! It’s a karmic or a plain lesson from the Universe, and you have to be wary of these types;

  1. GHOSTING — the savage of them all! This is someone who suddenly disappears after a few dates or if you’ve been in a relationship with this kind. It is done by a long silent treatment, crickets all over, and whenever. No words at all! Until you get the hint that it’s an end game. The worst kind because sometimes it doesn’t have any pre-warning signs or red-flags. It happens instantly, and you’ll be left wondering what you have done wrong? Until you’re obsessing and yearning to go back with the memories that you had with that asshole. It could mess…

Are you diverting boredom, heartbreak, and loneliness? Then “Don’t DATE to HEAL!!!” Read this short article about self-love/dating advice that might be helpful during this pandemic blues.

Don’t waste your time & efforts.

Have you ever felt deceive that you thought you already moved-on from your previous heartbreaks? Because of the eagerness to quickly jumpstart the whole new you. But instead of healing, you keep on adding pain to your bruised poor-heart. Now you’re pondering if “Have I skipped the process of moving-on? or “What the fuck! who said that there is a process?” It’s like a battle of your inner-self — relentless questioning and overthinking until it messes your own sanity.

Well, who said about the process of moving on? Wherein fact it’ll be up to your own timeline and how you want to proceed with your life. I said, “Don’t DATE to HEAL,” because dating without pure healing could lead up to self-loathing chaos. Ever wonder why dating apps skyrocketed sometime? I myself use some apps for diversion of boredom, heartbreak and loneliness. …


A creative-writer accustomed to Western Culture. An empathetic person yet can be blunt at times to showcase the authenticity and rawness of my tone.

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